Adsense Ad Code Converter HTML to XML Parse Blogger

Online Tool to Parse HTML codes to XML codes - Adsense Ad Code Converter and Blogger Template Code Converter. Convert your Adsense code to Blogger compatible code. Adsense Code Converter for Blogger Blogs.

How to Parse HTML code into XML code?

The tool is designed very simple. Steps to Parse HTML to XML code:
  • Copy the code which you want to parse, it may be Google Adsense Code or any other HTML code.
  • Paste the copied code into the HTML to XML Parse Tool located in the top of this page.
  • Click Convert and you will have the parsed code generated at the same text area where you pasted the original Google Adsense code or the HTML code.
  • Copy the parsed XML code from the text area and insert it into your blog template or wherever necessary.
  • To parse more number of HTML to XML codes, use Clear button to remove previous codes on the text area and repeat the same above steps.

Video Tutorial on How to use HTML Parser Tool

Many times, when adding custom codes, especially the HTML or JavaScript codes into the Blogger template, you would have come across this error: "Your HTML code cannot be accepted". This error is shown as the code which you have pasted on your Blogger template would not be of correct markup or would not have been a correct XML code. It is because, Blogger supports XML codes only as you could have seen while uploading Blogger Templates to your blog hosted on Blogger. The template would have a .xml extension.

So it is evident that when you edit the Blogger Template by adding your own custom HTML tags, you must parse it to XML code, which the blogger understands. It is mandatory to parse your HTML code into XML code in order to get full functionality of the code you are adding.

Why you need to Parse Adsense Code?

When you generate Adsense code from Google Adsense, it would be of standard HTML and JavaScript Code. You can directly insert/paste the generated Adsense Code or embed adsense into your Blogger blog at locations such as Sidebar, Footer or Header. You will not get any HTML parse error during this process. When you want to get Advanced Customization of your Google Adsense Ads to put adsense inside blogger post, such as making your Adsense Ads to show below blog post title or in between blog posts or show ads as soon as the blog post ends, you will need to edit your Blogger template and insert your parsed HTML code, that is, converted XML code into the specified location on your template. If you directly paste the generated Adsense Code, you will get an error shown by blogger like "Your HTML code cannot be accepted" or some other errors spotted on the HTML code. You will also be not able to save your template thereafter.
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Adsense Code Converter for Blogger

The solution to this problem is nothing but parsing your HTML code into Blogger understandable XML code. It can be done using the above tool. It is a HTML to XML Parse tool specially designed for Adsense code conversion which also can be used to parse codes other than Adsense codes, such as JavaScripts and other HTML tags to XML tags.

What does the HTML to XML Parse Tool Do?

HTML handles specially for characters like < and > symbols. Having these kind of symbols in your HTML code can result in weird effects such as blocks of code not appearing or executing, broken formatting and the code does not show up or execute properly. This can be solved by parsing the HTML code. Parsing means escaping those characters. It is the process of scanning the text for those characters and replacing with special character code that browsers can understand as correct symbol.
For example, the parsed character code for < is &lt;
The HTML to XML parser tool automatically converts those HTML tags into browser understandable code, XML.

If you find any difficulty or issues in using the above tool, kindly drop an E-Mail to somesh[at]someshr[dot]com