LiFi - like WiFi, but 100 times Faster! New Technology Invention

LiFi - like WiFi, but 100 times faster - New Technology Invention
Wireless Internet is the technology which we use to connect devices over the Internet without wires. And Wi-Fi is the one we all know about, once you cross over the term Wireless Internet. You get very high internet speeds in WiFi, but the Estonian start-up called Velmenni, successfully tested an advanced wireless internet technology, Li-Fi, which is 100 times faster than this traditional WiFi technology.

What is Li-Fi Technology?

Light Fidelity - Light Fidelity (LiFi) is a bidirectional, high speed and fully networked wireless communication technology similar to Wi-Fi. It is wireless and uses visible light communication or infra-red and near ultraviolet (instead of radio frequency waves) spectrum, part of Optical wireless communications technology, which carries much more information, and has been proposed as a solution to the RF-bandwidth limitations.

How does Li-Fi work?

LiFi has proved capable of sending data at speeds of up to 1GBps, around 100 times faster than most current Wi-Fi connections. Earlier this year, Li-Fi was tested in the labs and it achieved speeds of 224 gigabits per second. Now, in Estonia, for the first time in field testing, it has been reported that Li-Fi achieved a data transmission rate of 1GB per second i.e., 100 times than the current average Wi-Fi speeds
At speeds like this, albums, high-definition films and even video games could be downloaded in a matter of seconds. The speed is down to the way in which it transmits data - by using Visible Light Communication (VLC), data is sent between networks by LED lights that flicker incredibly fast.
LI-Fi Working Example
Li-Fi Working Example Scenario
Deepak Solanki, CEO of Velmenni, told the Interational Business Times: “We are doing a few pilot projects within different industries where we can utilize the VLC (visible light communication) technology. The technology ie., Li-Fi products could be rolled out to consumers within the next three to four years."

Professor Haas, the Li-Fi inventor, has said in the past, that every future LED bulb could be used to beam ultra-fast internet via Li-Fi. Check below the Li-Fi TED talk show where Prof. Haas describes about Li-Fi:

LiFi vs WiFi

The only limitation of light, that is, it cannot pass through walls. So Li-Fi cannot surpass through walls. Therefore, Secured short range data transmission can be achieved through Li-Fi. If at all Li-Fi comes to practical usage, it is very difficult to change the entire Wi-Fi settings, which is economically not possible. So it is expected that Li-Fi would be likely to run in parallel with existing technology to increase a network's speed and efficiency.

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